Secret Garden Ch11

Mary meets Dickon they go to the secret garden

Secret Garden Ch10b


The Secret Garden Ch10a

The Chapter Mary meet Dickon and takes him to the secret garden with the tools and seeds hes brought her.

The Secret Garden Ch 9b

The Secret Garden Ch9

The Secret Garden Ch8b

The Secret Garden Ch8

Secret Garden Ch6

Secret Garden Ch7

There’s a Wocket in my Pocket by Dr Seuss

Rhyming story and lots of fun.

Secret Garden Ch5

Secret Garden - Chapter 2

The Secret Garden

Chapter 5

The Secret Garden Chapter 4c

The Secret Garden Chapter 4b

Secret Garden 4a

Note: Chapter 4 had to be split into 3 parts

The Secret Garden

Chapter 3 - Across the Moor

Secret Garden

Chapter 1 - There is no one left

The Magic Finger 3

Magic Finger 2

Magic Finger 1

The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl

Hamish Goes Swimming by Humphrey Carpenter

With a few alterations and additions for Chiddingstone School

A Funny Short Story - Wallbottle Primary (Mixed)

Formally Bad News Bear by Anne Fine

A funny short story called "George Speaks"

Written by Dick King-Smith

Good Work Secret Seven Ch 17 & 18

Good Work Secret Seven ch 15 & 16

Good Work Secret Seven Chapters 13 & 14

good Work Secret Seven Ch 12

Good Work Secret Seven Ch10 11

Good Work Secret seven Ch 8&9

Good Work Secret seven ch7

Good Work Secret Seven Ch6

Good Work Secret Seven Ch 5

Secret Seven - Good Works Ch 3&4

The Secret Seven, Good Work Ch 1 & 2

A Quiet Night In - Mrs Glover

Hairy McClary - Mrs Durrant - 5th March 2020

The Lorax, Mrs Frederick

Goldilocks - Mrs Streatfeild 14th Feb

The Cat in the Hat - Mrs Haysom #1

The Cat in the Hat - Mrs Haysom #2

The Gruffalo - Mr Rowland - 24th January 2020